Why WePowerAmerica?

  • Healthcare

    All positions come with employer-paid health care and most positions include family coverage at no additional cost.  Our employers pay for their workers’ medical coverage.  Most positions also allow you to build a future coverage bank - this means that your healthcare will be uninterrupted if you can’t work. 

    Workers may use this “bank” to maintain coverage for periods of time when they don’t wish to work, or can’t work due to injury or illness. 

  • Retirement

    Not only do we value work-life but your post-work life as well.  You will build no less than two employer-paid retirement plans– your local plan.  If you decide to work in another area or work for another one of our contractors,  you will continue to have employer-paid contributions to those same plans.

    This system allows for our members to have a longstanding and flexible career.  A career that provides a living wage and a healthy retirement.  Let us help you plan your career.

  • Benefits

    Yes, all our positions have employer-paid healthcare. Yes, all our positions have employer-paid retirement.  But we have many other benefits as well.  Each of our members has a life insurance policy that covers them on and off the job.  Also, our workers will have access to other incentives, discounts, and free programs.   We strive for good work and home life because life is more than just a good job.

  • On The Check

    Our workers don’t have the kind of payroll deductions that you have with other employers.  For example: If you are at currently “making” $40.00 an hour, but are paying your own healthcare and retirement out of pocket - your take-home pay is much less.

  • Conditions

    If you have ever striven to address workplace issues or have a powerful voice in your workplace - we can help with that.  Every one of our contractors is bound to a written enforceable contract that guarantees your wages, benefits, and conditions.  Through We Power America, you won’t just find a great job- you will be securing a great career!

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